titan’s lifetime warranty sales update

RILEY TOYOTA ............................................ has had significant success with Lifetime Warranty and especially in the used car arena. Market share has grown for them and Kevin will tell you the driving force is Lifetime Warranty. Lifetime Warranty trumps the certified programs in your market and gives you the ability to offer more to your customers than the competitors warranties do. If you had a choice to buy a certified Nissan Maxima at the local Nissan store with a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty or the same vehicle from the local Toyota or Honda store for $300 to $400 less (difference between the cost of Lifetime and certified) and get a Lifetime Warranty. The choice is simple.

Rocky at Goodson Honda is always finding great ways to promote Lifetime Warranty. The Lifetime Warranty Club Members are posted on the showroom floor. Greg Jones sales manager at Goodson North says “The customers love participating in this and it invites potential members to join up!”

Interview with Riley Toyota 800-88-RILEY

Don Moffett:  What has been the impact in your store as it relates to sales?

Riley Toyota:  "Since we have implemented Lifetime Warranty, we have sold customers that never would have traveled as far as they did to buy. We have pulled customers as far south as Springfield Missouri, and as far North as Iowa! We consistently receive phone calls from customers a lot farther away then we ever did before.”

Don Moffett: What other facets of your business have been impacted by LIFETIME WARRANTY?

Riley Toyota:    "At first it was a little uncomfortable for our finance managers to sell in conjunction with Lifetime Warranty. They are now averaging more money per deal then they ever have before!"

Don Moffett: Any specific SUCCESS STORIES you would like to share with the other dealers?

Riley Toyota: "The deals we deliver to customers from Iowa still amazes me! Do you realize that’s more than 100 miles away?" 

Don Moffett: What was your biggest challenge?

Riley Toyota:  "Most people can’t figure out how we can give them something like this, but they understand that it is a great value, especially for someone who plans on keeping their car for a long time." 

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