Our 15/150 Warranty is first a branding and marketing tool.  Our dealers have experienced a 14% increase in new vehicle sales volume and a 19% increase in used vehicle sales volume.  You can effectively increase your marketing reach by providing you customer with a value driven reason to choose your Dealership over your competition.


The 15/150 Warranty transitions into a selling and gross tool.  Our dealers have increased their profit per vehicle by $238 over and above the cost of the warranty.  You no longer have to be the lowest price in the market.  The 15/150 Warranty provides your customer true value.


One of the biggest misconceptions of the 15/150 Warranty is that by giving away a long term powertrain warranty, it has a negative effect on V.S.C. Sales, the opposite is true.  Once your customer have chosen to do business with you and transitions into the finance office, the 15/150 Warranty then acts as an upsell to Vehicle Service Contracts and Pre-Paid Maintenance contracts.  One of the reason why a customer chooses your Dealership will be the 15/150 Warranty, and the awareness of the Powertrain Coverage transitions into interest in the F&I office.  Since the only thing you customer has to do to remain eligible under that warranty is complete the factory recommended maintenance, selling a PPM program in F&I becomes an easy upsell.


One to the big benefits of the 15/150 Warranty is the positive effect it has in the Service Department.  We train your ASM's to use Lifetime and a way to increase Customer Pay Repair Orders.  We do this by first Identifying the customer in the drive as a 15/150 Warranty Customer.  Since the only thing the customer has to complete, to remain eligible, is complete the factory recommended maintenance, ensure the customer complies become simple.