Who Backs 15/150 Warranty?

Our 15/150 Warranty is a Fully Insured Product, it is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company.  Great American was founded in 1872 and has been an A.M. Best "A" Rated "Excellent" or Higher Insurance carrier every year consistently for over 100 Years.

What Vehicles Qualify?

All New Domestic Makes and Asian Imports as well as other make, please contact us for to see if your dealership qualifies.  Plus, all Asian make used vehicles that are 5 years or newer with 50,000 miles or less.

Do I recieve Exclusivity in my market area?

Yes, we offer market exclusivity.  We only allow one dealership per market area.  Please contact us to determine what dealerships would be excluded in your market.

Is 15/150 Warranty Transferrable?

No, 15/150 Warranty non-transferrable and non-cancellable.  Customers remain eligable under their Lifetime Warranty as long as they own the vehicle.

What is my Liablity?

15/150 Warranty is fully insured and is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company.

Where can my customer's Service and Repair their vehicle?

Unlike loyalty or rewards programs where customers are forced to return to the selling dealership for service.  Our 15/150 Warranty is a True Warranty and your customer can service and repair at 10's of 1000's of licensed repair facilities in the United States and Cananda.