Based on a recent study, the number of dealerships the average customer visits prior to purchase has dropped from 4.1 to 1.3 in the last 5 years.  Learn how we can help get your dealership on the top of the customer's shopping list.  

Company Profile:

Titan Dealer Solutions:

Titan Dealer Solutions is a Full Service F&I Solutions Provider, our core product are Longterm Powertrain Warranties including both LIFETIME WARRANTY and the 15 Year 150,000 Mile Warranty. Our Longterm Powertrain Warranties are the only Compliant, National New & Used Vehicle Full Powertrain Warranties in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty and 15/150 are given to all retail buyers of pre-owned vehicles that are 5 years or newer with less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. It covers exactly the same items as the factory Powertrain Warranty and your customers can service and repair at any licensed repair shop in the US and Canada - which effectively increases your market reach.

Lifetime Warranty and the 15/150 Warranty is used as a Branding and Marketing platform that will drive more customers to your showroom, build more value for the customer, will drive more customers back to your service department and it is an easy Step-Sell for F&I - increasing VSC and PPM penetrations, works seamlessly with your existing finance product provider. It is a profit builder for every department in your Dealership.

-Same Coverage as the Factory's Powertrain Warranty
-Customer's can service and repair at any repair facility in the US & Canada
-Only the Factory Scheduled Maintenance is required
-Magnuson-Moss Compliant
-Fully Insured, No contingent liability for the Dealer
-Underwritten by Great American Insurance company
-Used Vehicles up to 5 Years Old and 50,000 Miles on odometer qualify
-Non-Transferralbe - Non-Cancellable
-Cost is a fraction of Factory Certified